STIMOSTEM - The Method

STIMOSTEM ©   is a method of regenerative treatment that helps to regenerate those factors that really are able to induce the regeneration of the damaged tissues of the body.

This method was performed by Doctor Stefano Battista and it is applied with success in different local and systemic degenerative conditions, such those that causing chronicle diseases with progressive stages but it came out to help restore the body against some early organic default coming from the sudden phisyologic loss of function due to  acute processes.

After the pre-clinical steps the next step is the procedure wich is essentially a bio-cellular concentration of factors and activation of your own regenerative cells, such the stem cells, onto the autologous tissues harvested and selected  along the one-time same session treatment.

The application of the "STIMOSTEM" Method is provided along 6 months from the starting time and this allows you and your body to enhance the best effects on your health.  Our Company offers you different formulas strictly adapted to your needs in terms of personalized care activities including session tretments and follow up steps . A periodic recall  is setted by telematic lab tools to monitoring the results and eventually to improve them for a long term outcomes through several tests - even long distance- for tipical clinical screenlooks and integrative therapeutical strategies.