The locations chosen by the standard of SOMATIKE are selected within luxury villas , or International high standard Hotels, in environments surrounded by large thermal gardens, where the patients have access to the best standards of Medicine and Regenerative Antiaging Therapies, in the geographic locations of the holydays dreams .

Nowadays is increasing the demand to reach sites that represent tourist paradises, from Europe to Asia, the Americas or Australia, in North Africa or in Arabia, where to make a therapeutic stay aimed at antiaging treatment, accompanying your loved ones, to enjoy together a holiday care, to optimize your time and results!

So, the schedule that will be dedicated full time to you will be enjoyful wherever you choose to stay, from the Mediterraneum to the Carabbean Sea, from the Arabian Gulf to the Indian Ocean, watching the panorama from a 5 star hotel of an art town or watching the ocean from a tropical resort.

That's where you will be treated under the vision of skilled professionals of regenerative antiaging treatments also for the aesthetics conditions. Without needing to obtain a visa and having to organize all moves, or speak another language you can also be fully assisted, by request, by tour operators and caregivers,  with dedicated transportation.


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