The "Gene of Longevity"

How can you activate your " longevity gene "? Once the SIR2 gene has been identified and its ability to extend the lifespan, we have tried to find out how to activate SIR2, without resorting to a genetic intervention. Up to a decade or so ago, the only proven way to prolong life span was to drastically limit caloric intake. In 1935, the biochemist Clive McCay of Cornell University showed that caloric restriction is the key to longevity. In each species considered, caloric restriction is able to prolong life and delay age-related functional decline. But there is a big problem with caloric restriction: ... it's unreasonable!

In fact, most people, even those who wish to live in good health and vitality for decades to come - may not be able to limit their calories to the necessary level. That's why some of the scientists who are at the forefront of aging research, such as Dr. David Sinclair (Director Harvard Medical School of Glenn Laboratories for Biological Aging Mechanisms) , and the Dr. Christoph Westphal (Harvard expert physician and geneticist), -left - , together with Prof. Leonard Guarente (Harvard Biology Institute) - right- are trying to develop a drug that can activate the SIR2 gene.

Their research is very promising and we are waiting to see interesting developments in the coming years. But from tests emerged recently it has been shown that there may be a way to activate the SIR2 gene, slowing down the aging process and living a healthy life longer, without expensive experiments and genetic interventions, without waiting for the new drug molecules "anti-aging" come on the market, and moreover, without 'suffering' of a high restrictive diet.

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