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    Salute Antiaging.

    La moderna determinazione dell'età è in continua evoluzione con i progressi delle cure rigenerative sulla longevità.


    Le terapie rigenerative selezionano staminali e fattori citoattivi ad effetto rinnovante di cellule e tessuti, locale e generale.


    Il Progresso medico "dal laboratorio all'applicazione clinica".

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  • Somatike

    Cura degli squilibri ponderali, e delle patologie correlate

    Cellule Staminali.

    Utilizziamo solo cellule staminali adulte e autologhe.

    Bellezza in sicurezza.

    Antiaging bioidentico personalizzato per la Sicurezza dell'Estetica senza rischi per la Salute.

    Antiaging Estetica.

    Una riduzione dei bio-markers vitali citochimici si associa ad un aumentato invecchiamento.

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  • Prodotti Innovativi

    Attivare le cellule staminali

    Principi Attivi.

    Tutto ciò che favorisce e promuove l'azione delle cellule staminali mantenendone effetto e vitalità nel tempo.

    Longevità Genica.

    Trasforma la visione dell'invecchiamento inevitabile dell'organismo.


    E se fosse possibile godere di una salute giovane e scongiurare la degenerazione correlata all'età?

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Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is an autoimmune disease in which the immune system generates responses to various components of the joints, such as on type I collagen. As a result of this altered immune response, we produce not only the degenerations at the level of the joints, but also the other secondary complications, such as pulmonary fibrosis, renal damage and finally, also damage to the heart. Stimulation of stem cells derived from adipose tissue has been shown to be effective on rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. Direct injection of stem cells from all affine tissue has shown positive results. SOMATIKE specialists have treated patients with stem cells derived from adipose tissue with severe forms of arthritis that have recovered the complete faculty of movement. Stem cells that focus on the target site induce the activation of growth factors and interrupt the release of inflammation mediators, allowing the adjacent tissue to be regenerated. These patients with severe forms of arthritis have recorded an average of 60% reduction in pain and medications and have completely recovered the ability to move. Beyond the healing of damaged tissues, stem cells have the unique ability to modulate the immune system in order to turn off pathological responses while maintaining the ability to fight disease.


Parkinson's Disease

Replacement of damaged or dead cells, through the therapeutic procedures of autologous stem cell renewal, has been shown to be able to concretely help patients to restore the correct general functions. Neurotrapianto of cell phone stem cells in the areas of the brain that require dopamine, in patients with Parkinson's disease, showed in controlled trials, a marked improvement, both in the movement of  Muscles that in general restoring the body's overall physiological functions to normality.


 Spinal injuries

We have experienced positive results for patients with spinal cord injuries, but Dr. Battista, our scientific advisor at SOMATIKE, is more conducive to a therapy that involves contact in the spinal tissue. We can offer references at centers that are much more advanced in this area for treatments.


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    Picking the Annual Formula you will get a Regenerative Setting Program along 1 year. Within this time you will be Read More
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