Breast augmentation - Breast augmentation with silicone implants or saline, as we have learned, can be risky and may include a number of long-term side effects, including scar formation; it is known that the risk of breast cancer and, sometimes, an incorrect relative diagnosis can be increased, with false results (positive and negative), as well as a series of chemical sensitivities related to the occurrence of inflammatory reactive responses. they determine as an extraeous implant.    Cosmetics and "plastic" solutions today demonstrate a progressive advancement through the application of stem cells. Stem cells derived from adipose tissue are appropriately mixed with lipid shares taken from provided areas and then transferred to the breast.   

For example, Dr. Richard Ellenbogen , renowned worldwide as the Plastic Surgeon of the Stars of Hollywood, California, performed the additive mammoplasty, in many cases with this technique and the Dr. Kwan in South Korea has increased breast volume up to a top size of 2 cups. Our Regenerative and Aesthetic Surgeons and Doctors are equally skilled and carry out this type of surgical procedure, certainly much safer. It is precisely a regenerative Liposculpture, as our scientific advisor has justly defined it, Dr. Stefano Battista , also a Regenerative and Aesthetic Surgeon.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further inquiries, our pioneering physicians will be at your disposal who are already adopting the future trend for a more effective and safe biological alternative, compared to the traditional artificial plant. The Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery, is clearly moving today, towards a much more attractive and safe approach, constituted by this natural method.

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