Face Lift with adipose tissue cells - Most of the doctors working in our network have already adopted past the fat for the plant by transfer, since the 80s. However, it was thought until a few years ago that it could not be effectively used for a stem cell lift, unless there was a high degree of blood vessels. These now, through the use of autologous tissue material, can be generated in the context of the mesenchymal stromal fractions activated by one's own fat. Stem cell therapy in the adipose tissue derived ( ADSC ) is able to trigger and provide all the factors necessary for vascular growth. This approach, which appeared on Fox News and on CNN on TV, showed that it is possible to perform a facelift without the need for surgical excision simply by using a needle and injecting the stem cells into the areas that need improvement or an macrofilling elevation.

At this point, cells will be derived from the adipose tissue of the patient himself, to determine a restructuring effect of rejuvenation in the tissue without leaving scars, regenerating new tissue.

Do not hesitate to contact us and we will refer you to the immediate attention of a skilled surgeon.

Imagine being able to reverse the direction of the clock and go back in time, after a liposuction that has reduced the circumference of the hips and belly, which will be practically the only and desirable " side effect "!


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